The most unhappy Europeans

The global economic crisis, unemployment and income loss make people unhappy in the world...

26.12.2010 - 00:00 | MediaCat

The global economic crisis, unemployment and income loss make people unhappy in the world.

Only 35 percent of the world is satisfied with the situtation. 18,624 adults from 24 countries who
make the 75 percent of the world’s GSMH were interviewed during a research by Ipsos Global
@dvsior. According to the survey only 39 percent of the majority believes that this is the
right course, and only one-third (35 percent) of them are satisfied with what goes on in their

Ipsos /, jointly published the survey results. According to that, the summit had come to the city of Toronto, Canada for most of the leaders of the G- 20, behind countries on the wrong track and thinking that they are not satisfied with the current situation of the citizens left the country. The countries that are the most satisfied with the general and on going situation are China and India. Turkey, however, that the global average, "unhappy" with peoples. Spainexperienced a serious economic crisis reverberates statistics, well below the average ranking of unhappiness with the most miserablecountries in the European Union countries is worth noting that out.

Other findings of this research are as follows:
– Only 30% of its own in the current state of the economy "strong"suggests an
– Only 31%, six months after the local economies would bestronger than you think
– 48%, their families or acquaintances of a person lost his jobbecause of the economic situation in the last six months, he said.
– 58%, compared to six months in themselves, their families andacquaintances said they
feel unsafe for other people more about the job guarantee
– 20%, of one family member or someone they know personally, he said the possibility of losing his job the next six months
– Only 31% of the current economic status of the "strong" as theevaluated
– Only 39% of the personal economic situation of waiting for the next six months, to
be more powerful


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