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Senior Account Supervisor

Prog · contact@progistanbul.com Sultan Selim Mahallesi, Hümeyra Sokak, No:7, Nef 09 B Blok, No:62, Kağıthane, İstanbul

We are looking for a trusted partner and point of contact for clients. We wish her/him to be partnering with our leaders, deliver operational discipline and delivery excellence.

Are you highly organized and accountable, who can build relationships and collaborate with/draw on the expertise of Prog?

Can you handle a client brief, comprehend the assignment, and strive to solve our client’s larger business problems and not just the immediate request at hand?

Are you a digital native/ totally immersed in the online world and yet fully understand offline and function perfectly well in the conventional territory?

Please write a paragraph of your intention and send it with your CV to contact@progistanbul.com

Aranan Özellikler

  • 6+ years of related, client facing advertising/digital agency experience managing “the making” or delivery of great work,
  • Demonstrable knowledge of client and Agency operations,
  • Curious, a lifelong learner,
  • Enjoy forming strong client relationships at all levels,
  • Demonstrated capability to get things done on budget and on time,
  • Strong internal relationships,
  • A good listener, someone who reads people and those in a room well,
  • Accountable, calm, confident yet fast moving… when needed.

İş Tanımı

  • Managing client objectives, expectations and timelines and communicating changes/directions to internal team members.
  • The key day-to-day project contact with a group of clients.
  • Facilitate the process of developing effective strategies and briefs that lead to great work on brief.
  • Effectively preparing and presenting work from a delivery standpoint.
  • Understanding staffing and scoping requirements.
  • Owning the client budget to manage costs and deliverables as well as staffing resources.
  • Identifying potential project risks and developing contingency plans.
  • Developing and maintaining high levels of team effectiveness (trust, communication, collaboration, productivity, diversity, engagement).


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